Tuesday, May 13, 2008

world tilting

each week, usually tuesday, since february, i have gone to the salt lake temple. i have the roads and lanes memorized that i need to drive on and in to get there. i also usually recognize quite a few of the temple workers when i do actually make it on tuesday mornings.

last week, due to multiple scheduling conflicts, i did not make it to the temple for the first time since february. let me tell you, this morning, i felt like the stars has crashed in the heavens or something!!!

first, the lane i usually take, in down town salt lake, was closed. actually, there was a portable building on it.

next, the sidewalk i use was closed; hence, so was the crosswalk.

finally, not one temple worker looked familiar to me!

is someone playing a joke on me? if all that wasn't enough, last time i went to the temple, it was winter, today, it is summer.