Tuesday, May 13, 2008

frequent sunday dinner conversation

a couple of months ago, i took kat to watch papa hold tuacahn auditions. well, since then, this has been a reoccurring sunday dinner conversation....

m: mom
d: dad
k: kat

k: mom, do you know who papa cast for the captain?
(since we have had this conversation a half a dozen times, i know where this is going)
m: no, kat, i don't. but, i know that he didn't cast jordan.
(also, note, this conversation never takes place in its entirety like it is written here. kat goes back and forth to it.)
k: mom, why didn't papa cast jordan. he has such an amazing, wonderful, beautiful voice.
m: papa, and the others, felt like jordan was too young to play the captain.
d: how old is jordan? (he is feeling if is daughter has brought this up SO often, it is quite possible that a casting error has been made.)
k: jordan is about mom's age.
(if jordan was, if fact, mom's age, he could have played the captain!!)
m: jordan is mid-to late 20's.
k: why don't they just slap some make-up on that boy??
time passing.....
k: mom, do you know what songs i would ask jordan to sing?
m: no, which songs would you like to hear, today???
(she then lists all the songs she would like him to sing for her today. i should note, they are not all broadway songs. many of them are primary songs.)
k: mom, why can't papa cast jordan as rolfe? don't they HAVE anyone doing make-up down there??
(heaven help the director and make-up artist of the plays that kat helps casts!!!)

i only hope, that when jordan meets kat, this summer, for the FIRST time, that he falls as madly in love with her as she is with him. regardless of their ages!!!