Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Trip to Burger King

Last Wednesday, Ali had a flute concert. Life was a bit crazy that day, so I decided that fast-food would be the best for dinner. We don't often actually wonder into a fast food place. If we have it, daddy usually picks it up on his way home from work.

As we were leaving, I heard Luke ask if they could play on the toys. Kat told him not to bother asking because of the "flesh-eating-bacteria" on the toys. The question at this point is not IF my kids are going to need counceling, it is only HOW MUCH.

We actually won a free Whopper and breakfast sandwich. Luke, of coarse, wanted to redeem the free Whopper right then as he is always hungry.

Ali doing ketchup shots :)

The best part of Luke's evening was that he got to sit by his crush, Sydney, at Ali's concert. Hopefully, on a real date he won't sit there and pick at his toes!!!! He likes her so much, he has even invited her to watch him play baseball!