Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ali, the soccer player

Ali loves soccer. Well, loves any sport that she is currently involved in, but her true love is soccer.

A few weeks ago we (meaning me) had a run in with a ref that felt like Ali was intentionally throwing herself on the ground and getting trampled. If you know Ali, and have watched her play any sport, you know that she plays at 1000% capacity. She does not intentionally fall. I actually called her coach and asked him if he had issues with the way Ali played. He told me if she is less of a player by staying up-right, he would prefer that she fall.

Anyways, today another ref started hunting her down after the game. I was like, "Here we go again." I was getting my Mother Hen shield up. But, he walked up to her and told her that she is one of the best defenders he has seen in a LONG time. I am sure it make her feel good, but, mommies love to hear nice things about their kiddos.