Friday, August 29, 2008

Scooter Shopping

Ok, I just have to blog this. It is too funny to keep to myself.

My dear friend, LaRene, had been looking to buy a scooter for her husband. Suprise him for his birthday. Good thing I am pretty sure he doesn't even know I have a blog!!! I would hate to ruin the suprise. Anyways. She found one on Craigslist, located in SLC. She lives in our old neighborhood in Orem. She called me and asked where the University of Utah football stadium was. Don't worry Cougar fans, we are still loyal! I told her it wasn't too far from my house and that she better not be planning on meeting a strange man alone. So, we set up a time to go and test drive this scooter.

We show up at the stadium. She gets on and takes it for a test drive. While she is riding around, I am chatting with the owner. He was a very nice Chinese guy getting ready to leave the area. Moments into the conversation it hits me he thinks LaRene and I are "together." But, I think no way. Who makes that kind of assumption in 10 seconds? We keep chatting and sure enough, it is clear he thinks we are together. I was dying, trying to keep a straight face. LaRene gets back and I whisper to her that he thinks we are together. It takes her a minute of talking to him to agree with my guess. At this point, she reminds me that a few months ago a sales person assumed that I was involved with my sister in law, Dana.

So, this is my question....What gives???

Oh, yeah, Dana, LaRene says she is not giving me up without a fight! But, Chris didn't meantion wanting to fight you for me.

My Shoes

One day, soon, I will post a picture of my shoes. We don't have Internet at home. So, when I want to post pictures, I take our laptop to the library to connect. But, half the time Chris takes the laptop to work. So, I can type boring stuff all day on a library computer, or I can wait for the laptop and post pictures!

About my shoes....most of the time I wear a pair of sandals my orthopedic inserts can fit in. I have last summer's pair, and this summer's pair. They are slightly different in design, but the same color. What I forgot to mention was that I had already worn the mismatched pair of shoes to a Sacrament meeting that morning!! So, I figured I didn't need to wear mismatched shoes for a second time!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sunday morning, on our way into the church building, I realized something about my wardrobe. I told Chris, who was 20 steps ahead of me that my shoes didn't match. He told me it didn't really matter. Then I told him, "My shoes don't match EACH OTHER." Well, that was another story. He sent me home to change.

I thought that was probably the funniest thing that would happen that day. Little did I know that something funnier would happen.

It was my turn to teach our little primary class. I was about 15 minutes into the lesson when I heard Kat's voice in the hallway. She sounded agitated. I walked out to check on her. Well, as it turns out, their teacher hadn't shown up. And the two twelve-year-old boys in her class thought it would be fun to take the girls "hostage." They barricaded the door with a table and chairs. Finally the girls convinced the boys to let them out cause they had to go potty. At that point, I pulled the whole lot of them into my classroom and overlooked the situation, for the time being.

After class was over, we headed down to sharing time with the whole primary. I told Chris I would sit with Kat's class and he could stay with ours. We got all situated and the girls in Kat's class started telling the primary president about the boys "taking them hostage." I am actually getting pretty sick of the hostage taking boys and let the girls complain about them. Until...I looked back and saw the STAKE PRIMARY PRESIDENCY by our president. Then, I tried to make light of the whole situation and told them Chris and I took control of the situation right off the bat (not like the real 20 minutes that it was) and it was all good.

On the way out the door of the church I asked Kat why they didn't try to get out or get an adult to help them. She said that they tried. Lauren had forgotten her cell phone and they threw an SOS note out the window. I asked them who they were going to call. She said she was going to call Daddy and if he didn't answer she would call Hannah. I was like, "Hannah in Dallas?" Yup, that's the one. Hannah is a great friend, but not sure what she would have done!!! At least Kat knows she can call Hannah with her problems :)

I told her to go get the note she threw out the window. Here is a picture of the container she put it in and the note itself.
I don't think we will have another Sabbath in the near future that can top this one in hilarity!!

American Idol Runner Up

The other day, we were in the car and a David Archuleta song came on. Chris asked me if David was back in school. (He goes to school right down the road from us.) I told him I didn't know if he was back in school or not. Chris said it would be funny if Archie went to his prom and they played one of his songs. I told him it would be funnier if Archie went to his prom and they played one of David Cook's songs!

Hiking the Y

Hiking the Y. It is something everyone in Provo does. So, I told Chris it was time we hiked the Y. He looked at me funny and asked if I meant th one up the mountain. Yeah, funny boy. My little 4 year old (at the time) niece Libby has hiked the Y. If she could do it, I figure I could. Well, my regard for Libby has gone up considerably.

To put it into perspective, here is a picture of the Y on a normal everyday day.

And, yet, I still thought it would be a "walk in the park" not a hike up the mountain!!!
We stopped at my parent's house to meet up with Papa, Tanner and Sam. Nana asked Kat what she was going to do that day. Kat told Nana she was hiking to the letter. Boy was she happy when she found "a letter" before the hike even started!!

In the parking lot at the base of the trail, there was a inpromtu vote taken. The question was "Who thinks Sunni should go with us?" I was like, hello, I am right here. I can hear you. Well, needless to say, everyone voted that I didn't go with them. I guess they knew I would hold the party up.

OK. Here is a picture of the trail. At the time, I only took a picture of this. I didn't actually look at it. Looking at it now, I see the whole plan a little better. Silly me, I thought it was just a few
steps up a mountain. Looking at the map, Tanner asked why we didn't just go straight up the mountain. Silly Texas boy.
Sam and I had a great time hiking. It was just the two of us cause everyone else left us. We were too slow, even for Josh and Dana's twin 5 year olds! They smoked us. There is something to be said for youth.

On the way up, I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman. He was actually headed up for the second time of the day. Some people actually do this hike over and over, just for fun. Go figure. Anyways, through our chat, I came to find out that he was from Klamath Falls, Oregon. The same place Chris grew up. His name is Brother Hunt. Maybe, I think. I might have to ask Chris again. Anyways. Brother Hunt remembered Chris' mom and sister. I thought that was pretty cool. He hiked ahead of me, big suprise there, and caught up with Chris. They had a nice chat on the Y, before I even got there!!

Here are a few pictures from the Y. The area of the actual Y is pretty smooth.

Sitting on the Y was very scary for me. I just knew on of the kids would fall. I guess I was a little vocal in my fears and made all the kids crawl on their stomaches. Again, someone took a vote. "Who wishes Sunni hadn't come with us?" This time I raised my hand. As it turned out, Luke took a tumble and so did Ali and a twin. I guess Ali and the twin went tumbling down, head over heels. Everyone was happy that Papa and taken my off the Y already.

Here are a couple of pictures I took as we headed down the mountain. The sun was starting to come up as we got near the base of the trail. It was beautiful to watch the sun come over the top of a mountain that I have know my whole life.

This is Tanner and a twin. Everyone falls in love with those darling twins!!
This is me, dead on my parents lawn.
Believe it or not, now that I have done it once, I would actually do it again. I always hate things the first time. But, now I know what to expect. I would do much better. The bad thing is, no one would go with me!!!!

Visit with Texas Friends

Our very good friends, whom we call family for all intents and purposes, visited from Dallas last week. The Sorensen clan has know them for like 25+ years. And then, the Olson family moved into their ward in Dallas. It was awesome.

Anyways, Robin brought her oldest son, Tanner, to college at UVU last week. He also brought along his lovely and adorable girlfriend Sam. They stayed with my parents while in Provo.

Tuesday they came up to Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square. We love it when people come to Salt Lake and aske us to go to Temple Square with them. It is our favoritest place ever!!Here is Robin and her group: Robin's mom, Nancy, Andrew, Ben, Tanner, Sam, Erin, Robin and Dallin. Grandma was so excited to be on Temple Square. Someone stopped her and asked her how many kids she had. It was funny. It probably had something to do with the fact that I called her mom and of coarse Robin called her mom.
Here are Kat, Ali and Luke at the Christus Statue. It is such an amazing and inspiring site.

Tanner and Sam on top of the conference center.
Robin and company on top of the conference center.
Sunni and kids on top of the conference center.Kat, Erin, Ali, Ben, Dallin and Luke on top of the conference center.
My mom used to say, "It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt." Well, we were having a great time until Robin hit her toe on Andrew's shoe and broke the toe nail off!!! I told her I had to get a picture before she put a band-aide on it. Silly, huh??

After our site-seeing, Grandma Nancy took us to lunch at the food court at the ZCMI mall. It was a lot of fun. I miss the Phillips family so much!!!

As we were saying good-bye, I knew I couldn't leave them yet. So, I called my mom and asked if it was ok to come down and spent the evening with them. So, we got a few more hours with them in Provo. It was great.
Here is a picture of Ali and Andrew. For 2 weeks each year they are the same age. But, I doubt they will ever be the same height!!!

We had such a great time, it was hard to say good-bye. At least we have Tanner and Sam!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Some of you know that I have been having migraines daily. Chris asked me if I had been wearing my nightguard. I have. But I thought back to when I bought it and the directions said most people go through this guard yearly...but some people need a new one sooner than that. Well, it turns out I am one of the strange ones. I bought a new one and used it last night. So far, no migraine today! Hurray!!! So, I guess I will need a new one every 3-4 months.


Some of my neighborhood girl friends decided to go up the Snowbird Tram today. Here are a few things to remember when doing so:

1. It will cost you a fortune, bring your credit card. It cost Ali, Kat, Luke and I $45. Yikes!!!
2. You are only a few feet from the sun, don't forget sunscreen.
3. Don't forget your hiking boots for when your kids want to hike DOWN from 11,000 feet!!
4. A ski lift is your friend when you decided you can't really hike down the mountain without better shoes!!

Other than that, it's all good. We had a beautiful day. Nature is truly a gift from God.

P.S. Our adopted brother is Luke's friend, Keller.

2 Buck Tuesday

Tuesdays in August are 2 Buck Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point. So, hear ye, hear ye, one and all from Utah Valley head on out! And let me tell you...they did!

Tuesday (duh) Dana and I took the kids to Thanksgiving Point. We had a great time, dispite all the other people who decided to show up. It wouldn't have been so bad, but Dana and I don't care for many people other than ourselves :) Really, people were EATING right next to horses and cows. Come on people....

Yes, we gave the little "rattlesnakes" money to buy the goats some food, but they still felt the need to pick some off the ground!!!

At the end of the day, I found it easier to just put the food for the goats on Luke's head and let them eat that way! Look away Mom, germs!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fort Cove

Papa and our guide were twinners!!

St George Trip--Temple