Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gaming Weekend

Our family loves games. We recently aquired a Wii (thank you Dana!). But, thankfully, we still love the old fashion games.

Tonight Luke and I pulled out a bunch of games we had not played since we lived lived in Dallas. We played Slamwich, Blink, Zigity, Skip-bo, Disney Uno, Parcheesi and Qwirkle. And of coarse, we played our current favorite: Ticket to Ride.

A few weeks ago, I found an older version of Parcheesi. It is awesome. A great addition to our collection of games. Each person has their own dice and dice cup. Daddy, Luke and I had quite a cut-throat game this moring before church. I think it riled us up too much, we weren't very quiet if sacrament meeting. It was a day we should have sat in the back, not in the front!!

I remembered quite quickly why we hadn't played Slamwich in a LONG time. It is a long game that is very frustrating. But, we did finally have a successful game.

Blink is awesome, easy and fun. I actually won! Each round takes about 1.5 minutes.

Skip-bo and Uno are always winners.

Qwirkle is great. It is a bit like Dominoes. But, Chris always wins.

We did get a month game pass to Blockbuster yesterday. We started by renting Monkey Ball. We tried very hard to play it, but then Kat announced that it wasn't fun without Hannah from Texas. That ruined the whole mood of the evening (sob, cry) and Chris went and rented Tiger Wood's Golf.

I have a ton more games. I will probably write about them all soon.

If you have games to recommend to those of us who love games, please do!!!