Monday, May 19, 2008

Could I Get a Dictionary, Please??

OK, my kids need a few words looked-up. Let me tell ya....

Last night, Chris, Luke and I were playing Risk. After one of Chris' turns, he said, "OK, I fortified I'm done." After Luke's next turn, he threw his cards down and said, "I fortify." I told him to go ahead and fortify if he wanted. Then he said, "But, I am done with my turn." His very next turn, he threw down his cards (is Kat giving this boy drama lessons?) and said, "I forfeit." I told him there was no forfeiting in Risk. Again, "But, I am done with my turn." After a few more times of him alternating between forfeiting and fortifying, all the while throwing something, we decided those were just his verbs of the day.

This weekend, Kat was listening to the Broadway recording of Les Miserables and the Off-Broadway recording of Forever Plaid. She asked me what the difference was between on and off Broadway. I gave her the basic definitions of each. She thought for a minute and then announced, "Well, I guess Provo Theatre Company is Off Broadway." I told her PTC was probably off, off, off Broadway!