Tuesday, May 20, 2008

how was my morning, you ask?

this morning i planned to get up about 6 am so i could get ready and go to the temple. well, ali's alarmed blared me out of bed at 5:45 am, ugg. after getting myself ready, vacuuming the house, scripture time, finding kat's shoe (it is a pain now she has her foot out of the boot and she needs TWO shoes!!!) and jr high car pooling it was time to get the younger ones to school. as we were getting their bags together, luke remembered he needed bubbles for school today. so, i rushed us out the door to so we could stop at Ream's on the way to school.

as i was leaving the house, headed to the van i heard kat say, "mom."

i was like, "i know, got to get bubbles."

kat, "mom."

"i know, get you to school on time."


"what, kat?"

"you don't have any shoes on!"

i wonder how far into my day i would have gotten if she hadn't told me?!?!?!