Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Blog

I have created a new blog. It can be found at

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Three Pioneers

Yesterday I volunteered in Luke's classroom. Three by three I took kids out to work on an art project.

In came there three darling boys, arms around each other's necks. One of them declared, "We are best friends." Another, "We do everything together." And finally, "We are the three pioneers." They all looked at pioneer boy. Another friend finally piped in, "Musketeers. We are the Three Musketeers."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Piece of History

My lovely Aunt Naomi came to visit Provo in August. I love my Aunts. They are such great women.

She brought with her a pile of old pictures. I decided I needed a copy of said pictures, so Aunt Naomi and I went to Rite-Aide to scan them. First off, we stood behind a newly-married couple who were deciding which wedding pictures to have printed.

Side-bar: Holy cow, print them all, they are only 16 cents...heck, my mom will even pay for it!!!

Side-side-bar: Who gets wedding pictures printed at Rite-Aide anyhow??

Aunt Naomi and I had a nice visit while we waited, and waited and waited.

This first picture is of my Aunt Naomi (far left), Grandpa Lunceford, Claudia (me mum), Rodger (me da) and my wee cousin, Benton. Yes, I felt Scottish there for a moment. Anyways. I am guessing I am in my mum's tummy. What other explaination is there for me not being present in the Yuletide photo?

I have recently realized I come from a long line of beautiful, sexy women. Look at my aunt, below. Farrah had nothing on her. And for a mom, my mom has always been beautiful. My friends always told me my mom was "so pretty." I was like no way, she is a mom. Now, I totally see she has always been beautiful. Sorry mom!!!

And look at my Grandma Lunceford (below), she was a super, sexy grandma. She had the best legs, ever. I tell ya. She was always a real looker. And she always dressed nicely and had her hair and nails done. My dad often did her nails. And...she never colored her hair. She had midnight black hair until she died. Amazing. (She would die if she knew I posted her picture on the internet!!)

I took my kids downtown Salt Lake right before school started back up to show them where my Grandma and Grandpa Lunceford got married. They got married in this beautiful, old court house. They were later sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.

I love families and being tied together. It was so fun to hang with Aunt Naomi. Here she is today, still as beautiful as ever...

Final side-bar (do I even use that term correctly??): If I look like I had climbed a mountain before I had this picture taken, I had. It was the day we hiked the Y. I am so proud I was still standing by 9 pm. My aunt barely was-as I accidently gave her almost triple her normal evening dose of her nite meds. She, my mom and I all take the same med for neuropathic pain. When I am at my mom's house, I always get the pills for my mom and I. Well, since Aunt Naomi was there, I just handed her one when I was passing them out. My mom and I take 800 mgs and, as it turns out, Aunt Na only takes 300 mgs before bed. But no worries, she had the best sleep of her life and the stuff can't hurt ya :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oliver's Tail

Oliver has been asked (we won't name names at this time) to start his own blog.

He has agreed to do it, on certain terms. His "tail" will be told his way, and his way only.

Feel free to leave a comment if you know who has invited Oliver off this blog....


Ali is a very busy little musician these days.

She is preparing for a Halloween concert (Suzuki style), a Christmas concert with the Jordan Youth Symphony and songs with the ward choir for their Christmas program. (I need to find her a flute solo. If you know of any good Christmas flute solos, let me know!!!) Plus, she has all her regular band stuff. I can barely keep her music straight. I don't know how she plays it all!

She is playing the flute and picc with all her groups. She loves music so much.

Ali playing the picc.
Ali with her flute.
These are not great pictures of her; as I am trying to be sneaky and couldn't use a flash :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Past Favorite Words

from Kat...

"Mom, when I get married I am going to carry a wand, not flowers."

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good Morning SLC!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

His Royal Highness

Oliver has taken over Kat's doll bed. He loves it with his whole heart.

If Ali hadn't been home, sick from school...

...she couldn't have taken this great picture of my favorite feline and I taking a "cat nap" together.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Day of School 2008

Better late than never??

(Ok, seriously. Luke wore this shirt today, during the middle of the tooth trama talked about further down in my blog. His shirt looked exactly the same after the water spilled out of his numbed-up mouth. Too funny)

Sibling Rivalry

My sister is the most amazing seamstress. I hate her for it. After getting inspiration from my SIL, Stacy, I made this blanket for Kat. Stacy has made like a million huge ones like this, but I am going to start out with three smaller ones. They are about 5.5' X 4'. A perfect little blanket for little kiddos.
The blanket is denim on one side and fleece on the other. It is warm and fuzzy :)
Stay tuned for Ali and Luke's!!!

Rejoicing over Lost Tooth

For those of you who see Luke regularly, you know about his freaky front tooth. You can kind of see the strange looking baby tooth there in the front. He has his two permanent front teeth AND that silly little baby tooth! Anyways, today is the day the dentist took it out, hurray! We love you, Dr. Roundy. Seriously, he is a great dentist if you need one.

His smile looks so much better. I am so happy it finally got taken out. I am not one to stress over baby teeth too much. I figured it would come out on its own. But, Dr. Roundy told me it would have NEVER come out on its own. Can you see the massively long root on that tooth?

We better go to bed so the tooth fairy can come....

Above: Before the tooth was taken out.

Above: Tonight's Jack-O-Lantern smile. Isn't it going to be beautiful? After $4000 worth of braces one day.....
Above: The 'root' of the problem :)

Adding Insult to Injury

This morning, at 8 am, Luke had a cavity fixed and his lovely front tooth pulled. After an hour in the dental chair, I took him back to school. I am the room helper on Wednesday mornings, so I stayed in his room.

After about 15 minutes back at school, he had a little break down. Actually, it was probably mild shock. His teacher asked me if I wanted to give him an Advil because he kept saying it hurt. So, she got him an Advil and a cup to drink with.

This whole time, I am working with a group of 6 other students. The next thing I know, he is still crying and the whole front of his shirt is wet. When I asked him what the heck happened, he started crying for real.

"I couldn't keep the water in my mouth when I took the pill."

Poor baby. The good news is he is ok now and went back to have gym time.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gotta Love Utah Weather

Wednesday, Sunny & Clear, 70/43 degrees

Friday, Chance of snow, 50/27 degrees

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I'm tagged? What does that mean? Six weird things about me? I am SO not weird. I had to ask my mom to tell me weird things about me. Weird thing, she had no problem coming up with weird things about me :)

I would like to thank my lovely SIL Morgen for tagging me. Is this what I get for watching her kids? And let me tell you, she is a bit weirder than I first thought :)

1. I carry a camera everywhere and often take pictures as I am driving. I have even taken pictures of cops before. Really. This is the time to rob a bank. Not one cop is out on the streets 2. I still sleep with a teddy bear.
3. I own a Nelson CD.
4. I have helped Ali lock Luke in a locker.

5. I have made dentists do my check-up without actually touching my teeth. I CANNOT stand to have my teeth touched.
6. I frequently crawl around on the floor to scare my innocent and unsuspecting kids. They love me!

So, I tag Sara, Josh, Andrea of Colorado, Scott-ish Nomad, Amy of Arizona and Shila of Washington.

P.S. Dana, so help me, you better not write Josh's!!!!

Raindrops on cobwebs...

Singin' in the Rain

We have had rain all weekend. Which is a nice change. We usually have beautiful, sunny, weather the weekend of General Congerence; which makes it harder to focus on Conference.

This is Oliver trying to figure out the unbrella thing....

Really, Kat? Oliver can't get a drink of water in the dry house???

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Soccer

I am ashamed to admit that my mom didn't know that soccer had started for Ali. Shame on my posting skills!

Ali loves soccer. It is her sport of choice. Fall soccer has been lovely. Haven't gotten frost-bite once, but I have gotten sunburned :(

That's my girl; my pink hating girl. She is number 2. She hates pinks and loves the number 13. Life sucks for her right now!

Yes, that is Ali on the ground.

This is my "shame on ME" picture. We think he was collecting cans. "Mom, can I give him your reacher, grabber, thing??"

She plays her games Saturday afternoons if anyone wants to come and cheer on the Pinkertons!

True Love

My one true, and abiding love is the library and what is houses--BOOKS. Small books, large books, long books, short books, books in English, books in Spanish, books about how much people love books. I should write a book about my love of books, seriously.

The kids and I decided to "run" into the library tonight. Yes, it only takes an hour to "run" into the library.

We talked with the greatest librarian ever. Kat saw a book at school, but didn't know the name of it. This is what she knew about it: it is big, has pictures, has words and won some award. Honestly, is she my child?? Good thing the library didn't think I was wacko when I gave her that description! And lo and behold, she knew what book Kat was talking about. It isn't currently checked in, but we put it on hold. For some reason, Kat actually thought she might suddenly get the book before we left the building. Crazy Kat.

While we were waiting for the amazingly friendly, amazingly smart librarian, I over heard a conversation between the librarian and a teenage girl (Hannah, Ali goes to school with her). Miss teenager was asking after the Twilight books. She was told they were all checked out. I piped in and told her that I just saw The Host on the self and she might want to read it until she gets the Twilight books. Here was our conversation...

Hannah (teenager): I would like to read the Twilight books. Where are they located?

Librarian: They are all checked out, but I could put them on hold for you.

Sunni: I just saw The Host on the shelf if you want a Stephanie Meyer's book.

Hannah: Oh, I don't want to read them out of order.

Sunni: No worries. It is a completely separate book and story. It doesn't have vampires in it.

Hannah: Vampires? I don't want to read about vampires.

Sunni: Stunned Silence, I had no more to add to that conversation.

Anyways, I love books, I love reading. My greatest fear is not being able to read all the books I want to before I die.

Goals, Smoals

Those of you who read my blog, know that I made a goal to post more pictures of my kids and less of animals. Well, I have decided goals are complety over rated!!

Our neighbors, who have a beautiful, barking, golden lab, are out of town. So, we have been "helping" our other neighbor take care of him by taking him on all sorts of walks. Socko loves it and it helps him bark less at night.

This post is dedicated to the love of Socko and Oliver.

Nice Kisses

Oh, look, I do have a kid!!! We couldn't pass up the fire hydrant picture!!

Headed up to the school playground before Ali headed to Mutual.

The all-time funniest part of the playground was Socko's reaction to swings. He was pretty sure swinging was going to kill the kids!!