Tuesday, May 13, 2008

most embarrassing moment this week....

we have 4 library cards in our family. each card can have 30 items checked-out on it.

i try to check out all of our items on MY card so i can keep better track of everything. i had recently placed a bunch of holds using MY card. when i went to check out a book, that had been held with my card, they wouldn't let me cause my card was full. so, i whipped out one of the kid's cards for i had seen others do this. well, they told me i had to have my kid's permission to use their card!!! since when do i have to have a minor, child's permission to use the card that i got for them?!?!?!?!? sheesh. so, i had to go pull luke off the computer game he was playing and have him tell the nice lady that it was ok for his mommy to use his card.

talk about embarrassing!