Friday, May 9, 2008

more true confessions...honestly, i will soon have no secrets!

OK, now that I have it worked out, I can confess to Nana what happened...

The morning of pictures I convinced Luke to wear Sunday clothes. But, I had to concede on the church shoes. I told him not to let them take a picture of the shoes. I guess you shouldn't put that much responsibility on the shoulders of a 7 year old! So, I got these picutures back....

Very cute, BUT THE SHOES!!! Ugg. When I posted last night on the blog, I had cropped the picture to this. I didn't want my mom to see the shoes!!!
Well, I contacted the national offices of Lifetouch, who put me into contact with the local office. I had asked them if they could sell me a zoomed in shot of the picture. Well, the local office is going to give me a copywrite release since they can't alter the picture.

Now, I can legally crop the picture and show Nana the ugly shoes!!

Stay tunes, I am sure I can come up with more dirt on myself!!!