Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ali YouTube Videos

This past week has been a big one for Ali. She had a big project due for her English Lit class. They had to act out a scene from The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Everyone but her friend Kelsi bailed out on her. At the last minute, I was typing up her script. I asked her who would play Aunt Rachel as she had the most lines. She informed me that I would be playing Aunt Rachel. I asked her why I had to be Aunt Rachel.

"Cause you are old, just like Aunt Rachel."

To Kat's delight, she also scored a part. She quickly memorized her lines, as a true actor would.

This scene was acted out in our living room, with the fire going. Outside it was 85 degrees and we were all dressed as Puritans, in black. When we finished, we were all ripping our clothes off and opening all the windows and doors.

The funniest part was trying to keep Duchess, our cat, out of the camera. You see, cats were thought to be evil back then. We wanted no evilness!!

Yesterday, Saturday, Ali had her first Suzuki flute recital. When I was young, I had Suzuki piano lessons. I love the music of Suzuki. It is truly beautiful. Some of the other stuff about Suzuki is kind of strange, but I love that she is learning the classics.

One the way to the recital hall, I told her not to worry about being the only one that was not memorized and that she would be memorized next time. But, no one, and I mean no one was memorized. Eileen Wilcox would have died!!!

She did a beautiful job.

Funny story....

Afterwards, Ms. Perkins, asked on of the dads to take a picture of all the students that performed that day. She said she would then email a copy to all of us. Well, we got the students up there and about 8 parents pulled out cameras to take pictures. She declared we probably wouldn't need to email pictures around after all!!

These are the students who performed yesterday. Ms. Perkins does have other students, but these were all the performed. As far as I could tell, out of these students, Ali was the second best to Kegan, the tall young man. He is amazing. Ali informed me that men make the best flute players. I guess the top two players in the world are men.

Alyssa Taylor Olson and Karen Perkins May 3, 2008. Isn't she beautiful. She is becoming quite the amazing young lady. I love her.