Tuesday, September 30, 2008

5 minutes after happiness...

next thing i hear is a police siren, right out front. of coarse i go running. "don't worry mom, it was just brother nigbur." so, that is funny and friendly? to give me a nervous breakdow?? good thing we love him so much!!!

Happiness is...

listening to your children playing happily together in the front yard.

Sneaky Mom

Tonight I was doing dishes and got bored.

Our kitchen is on one end of a hallway with the bedrooms on the other. There is a bathroom halfway down they hall. Well, I stood in the kitchen and hollered down the hall, "Luke, come quick!" Then I quickly and quietly slipped into the bathroom.

Sure enough, Luke came right away. Yes, I jumped out at him! Ha ha. He fell to the ground laughing.

So, all in all, no kids were hurt in my frivolity.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Just so people don't think that all we did this weekend was make Jibjab clips (cause it only took up 75% of our weekend :)), I wanted to let you all know of a wonderful play going on at BYU right now. It is directed by a great friend and lover of Shakespeare, Topher Clark. Please check out his blog, jolly porter, for more details.

My kids loved it. I love watching any Shakespeare production done by Topher. I always seem to understand them better. I do not have the complex mind for Shakespeare that my Dad, Mom, brother and sister have. How did that happen?

My kids had many questions about parts they felt were left out (like people they felt should have been executed). So, I know they understood it and were completely engaged by it. They are still talking about it. And since I love to read about incest and prostitution, I think I will go ahead and read Shakespeare's complete version!

Mom's dream

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Oliver and Kat (This is the last one I will make!)

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Ali Dancing with Troy

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Kat Dancing with Troy

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just 4 Nana!!!

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Who is Bored?

We had a fun day in Provo with family and friends.

I just had to make these JibJab clips with my kids. They get such a kick out of it! Thanx Aunt Dana for introducing them to us!!!

Luke Dancing with Gabriella

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Funny (short) Story

My friend, Diane, keeps reminding me of this story...so I thought I would blog it.

A couple of months ago I went in for my yearly check-up. You know, the head to toe check-up. I got in the lovely gown and waited for the nice, female, PA to come and look me over. When she came in, I told her, "Before we get stated I need to tell you something. I bruise easily, I am not an abused woman."

Diane got a kick out of that and reminds me of it each time she sees a bruise on me.

I am telling the truth, I am not abused!!! Ha ha.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My goal is to post more pictures of my children and less of someone named Oliver.

Biggest Whopper Ever

The other night, at 8:36 pm, I got a hankering for a Whopper. I put the kids, Luke and Kat, in the van and headed to Burger King. It took FOREVER to get our Whopper Value Meal and kid's meal ordered. I never know what language I need to speak to get fast food. (I am not being mean, just speaking the truth.)

The downer was that they didn't have ice cream that night. Kat announced that Papa would be very upset and would drive around until ice cream was found. Too bad I am not Papa. She got no ice cream :)

God's Gift of a Sunset

Ali took this picture of a Salt Lake Valley sunset.

Power Grid

This is our current favorite game. It is called Power Grid. Tonia introduced it to us. Mucho Gracias!!
I had to post this picture for Tonia, so she could see how OCD I am to put all the pieces in little containers!!!
I buy these great little babies from IKEA. Hail to IKEA!!!
Below you can see how we keep track of who has won how many games. I do believe Sara taught us to keep a tally in the top lid of our games!! Daddy has a firm lead when it comes to Power Grid. Grrrr. Bring it on!!!

Someone's Knocking at the Door...

Someone's ringing the bell; do me a favor, and let Oliver in!!

Cat and Mouse

Monday, September 22, 2008

Life is hard...

...if your name is Oliver Olson.
...if you can't even hold your own paw up.
...if you like to drink out of the toilet instead of the fresh water in your bowl.
...if you have to die by a small boulder to nap.
...if you HAVE to climb trees with your boy.
...if you have to nap with your brother.
Life is especially hard if you have to LAY DOWN to eat your food!!

But, do you know my dad???

We have been having some sprinkler problems. So, a couple of weeks ago, I spent some time with them. I noted where each zone was located and then sat down to draw a map for future reference. This map was created with a pencil, ruler and colors. It included the street, sidewalks, driveway, house, patio, foliage and of coarse, the lawn. Each zone got assigned its own color. It is a very pretty map.

A couple of days ago, my landlord came to look the sprinklers over. He would turn a zone on and then go look to see where it had turned on. I finally went out and asked him if he would like to use my map? Sure. I was so happy to share my map! I handed it over to him and he was like, "Wow, that is quite the drawing." I was like, "Yeah, but do you know my dad?" You see, he is where I get my few obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Especially the one that inspire me to draw detailed maps of the sprinkler zones.

When I was young, as young as my youngest memories, my dad taught at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho. It is now know as BYU-Idaho. But, we were there when it was a small, personal school. Anyways. He taught in the theatre department. Back then, he was still highly involved with each of his productions. Don't get me wrong. He is still pretty involved today, but he turns a lot of it over to others, since it is their job. Back then, he selected the shows he did, cast the players, helped design the lights and set and then helped pull everything together.

I loved watching all this happen. I especially loved "helping" him design the lights for the shows. He kept all these tools in his desk draw. He had cool rulers and pencils, graph paper and swatches of gel colors. He always had a swatch for me and a swatch for him. Together we would decide the feeling of the scene, warm or cool, etc., and then choose the gels needed. I loved it when he would ask me to choose between two gel colors. Granted, they were pretty much the same color, but it was awesome to choose the color anyways!!

After the lights were done on paper, it was time to set them. This part started in the gel room. This was my all-time favorite room on campus. It was a small room in the Snow Theatre Building that had ceiling to floor files full of gels. These came in large sheets. You see, there are many sizes of lights, so you just cut the gels to the size you need. I got to help pull the correct color of gel needed. When I got older, I even got to help cut them with the huge paper cutter. (Don't worry mom, we were careful!!!)

After that, we headed up to the cat walk to place the gels into the lights. I wonder why I wasn't scared of heights back then? I loved being up that high and watching the activities going on down on the stage.

By now, he had finished blocking the show and all that other good stuff. It would be time for technical run throughs. These are to make sure that the lights look good on the sets and to make sure they are set to shine in the correct places. These run throughs were great fun, too. My dad did lots of running around during those final run throughs. Up and down to the cat walk. And my all-time favorite of jumping through the (open) light booth window and running down the auditorium chairs on their arm rests. I kid you not. Why use stairs to get to the stage when you could just run on the arm rests?? I would give anything to go back in time and carry a camera around for the day.

But, I digress. All I wanted to do was blame my dad for the map I drew of the sprinkling system zones.

Note: I am not a technical theatre major and do not always use the correct terms! But, looking back, I wonder why I didn't go into the theatre world based solely on my love of gels. Now...if I could only get my own gel swatch and one of those lighting design stencils...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ali had her first symphony rehearsal. She loved it, of coarse. They selected 5 total flute players. Ali is the only 8th grader. The other 4 are 9th graders. Our Ali is seated 1st chair! We are so happy for her. But....I still want to know how many people Ali beat out total....she says that is a mean thing to wonder. But, I still wonder....

I am tired...

5:30 am--alarm goes off
5:50 am--enter the pool
6:20 am--hit the showers
6:35 am--get home, get myself ready. check on kiddos progress toward being ready for school.
7:30 am--drive carpool, almost, accidently hit a little kid
7:55 am--check-in at the office where i am subbing at
8:00 am-3:00pm--substitute teach lovely 4th graders. one of them happened to be the little kid i almost, accidently hit! he walked up and said, "hey, mrs. olson, remember when you almost hit me this morning?" ugg!!! this day included a field trip to a "carnival" given by the Utah Symphony
3:30 pm--mom and kids get home
4:00 pm--private flute lessons (did i remember to practice???)
5:00 pm--leave flute, hit the store to get buns for ali to take to mutual
5:15-5:25--lay on floor and weep cause i can't find my recipe for dinner
5:25 pm--remember i have the internet, look-up recipe, still don't find it, find it while laying on the floor weeping again
6:00 pm--get ali to mutual, put dinner on the table
6:40 pm--blog, prepare for Bones (love that show!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jordan Youth Symphony

Last Monday Ali auditioned for Jordan Youth Symphony. It was held at a school one city over.*

While Ali was in the band hall, waiting to audition, I left Kat and Luke in the hall. I threatened them that they better behave like the good little girl and boy that I know that they are.

When Ali and I got back to the hall, Luke told me that he really hoped that Ali made it into the band. Trying to hide my shock, I asked him why. He informed that that Kat said that if Ali made it into this band we would get to go to a lot of carnivals.

I turned to Kat, "Carnivals? Kat?" Now through clenched teeth, "Did you tell Luke we would be going to carnivals, not concerts, if Ali made it into this band?"

"Yup." She responded. "Just trying to keep a little boy happy, Mom!!"

We received word on Thursday that she was accepted into the program. She is so excited and we are so proud of her!!

Way to go, Ali!!

*Chris and I have worked out that I will drop Ali off at her rehearsals and Chris will pick her up on his way home from work. He was asking me directions and how long it takes to get there. Ali informed him, "If you take mom's shortcut it takes a half hour. If you just got the right way, it only takes 10 minutes." My kids are so mean about me getting lost!!!!

Jordan River Temple

This is a picture of the Jordan River Temple spire and Angle Moroni. Isn't it beautiful?

I have been helping people in my ward complete their family temple work. The last batch of family names given to me needed everything from baptism on up. I had Chris and Ali do the baptisms for me a couple of Wednesdays ago.

The next day I headed back to the Jordan River Temple to start what I needed to do. I guess I went during the busiest part of the day. They were leary to let me do the work I wanted to do on all 15 names. I held firm and told them I would really like to do them all at once. They were very kind and let me do it.
That evening, I told Chris they weren't too happy I wanted to do so much at one time. He was like, "Tell me about it." He hadn't told me that he had had a difficult time getting all 15 names done the night before, so that was news to me. He told me they were only going to let them do 5 baptisms. So, he asked them if they could do more. They said he could do five more. Then, he pulled out the big guns and told them, "You don't understand. My wife will kill me if I don't come home with all fifteen done."
No wonder he hadn't told me he had a problem getting them all done. He had used me as a threat! I'm not THAT scary, am I???


written september 10, 2008
I hate swimming. Let me give you the top ten reasons before I go into more depth.
1. Water
2. Water
3. Water
4. Water
5. Water
6. Water
7. Water
8. Water
9. Water
10. Water
Ok, those are just the top ten reasons.

Let me take you back a few years to further explain why I hate water.

1. Swimming lessons @ Porter Park Pool. Raise your hand if you took swimming lessons at Porter Park in Rexburg, Idaho. Be sure to leave a comment about which part of your body got frost-bitten! Rexburg really didn’t deserve to call June, July and August summer. Honestly, if you don’t get over 75 degrees, you should not call it summer. Well, our parents wanted us to feel like we were having summer. So, like clockwork, we were enrolled in swimming lessons at Porter Park Pool. To distract us from the fact that it was only 55 degrees, the pool staff put in 47% too much chlorine into the pool. I know about the chlorine conspiracy because I watched them test the water each day. They would test it, get big eyes and dump the water sample into the trash. Conspiracy I tell ya. But, you see, if our eyes were swollen shut from too much chlorine, we can’t see the thermometer. Pretty smart don’t you think?
2. Near drowning in the Pacific Ocean. When I was twelve, we went to visit friends in California. We went to the beach. I was so excited. But, after I got into the water the current caught me and pulled me under. My dad was close by and pulled me up, but not before I got pretty freaked out.

SIDEBAR: If my mom leaves a comment stating that my near drowning was last summer, I will discredit her. Yes, I almost drowned last summer. But a hunky, California surfer-duded saved my life. So, I don’t call that a bad memory.

3. Trying to save Luke’s life in Sachse, Texas. We lived in a great community in Sachse: Woodbridge. We lovingly called the homeowners association Nazis, but is another story. In our community we had 4 pools. It was so awesome. When I first started taking the kids to the pool, I went fully clothed. I was not going near that water. Pretty soon, I realized it was too hot to go fully clothed. So, I would go in my suit and sit far from the water. Pretty soon, I decided to test the water and actually decided it was ok. I started playing with the kids in the water and having a good time. Really, what could happen, the deepest section was 5’. One day Luke went under. This day I wasn’t actually in the pool. Well, I had to jump in. I got to him and got his head above the water. Then I started swimming us back to the side. Pretty soon, I was struggling. Luke and I are both going under at times. I was vaguely aware of Ali yelling at me. I tried to tell her that I was busy, but she didn’t get the message. Anyways, I finally hear Ali yell, “MOM! STAND-UP!!” She isn’t an honor student for nothin’!! So, I stood up and we were both ok.

Ok, present day. I am in serious need of a form of exercise that doesn’t hurt my “special” body. I have tried everything: walking, ellipticalling, biking, running. Well, the running was back in 7th grade when I was on the track team. But, I still have shin splints from then.

So, I am down to swimming. My friend Tonia has been swimming laps this summer. She inspired me. You might think it was Michael Phelps, but it was Tonia.

I have now been swimming everyday for a week. The first time I went I felt pretty good about it all. Plus, there was this cute guy watching me the whole time. I am sure you already figured out he was the lifeguard, but I didn’t figure that out for a while.

I am reviewing all the strokes I learned at Porter Park Pool. I have yet to put my face in the water. Don’t laugh. I will drown you. Then try to save you. We will both be dead.

Forever Charmed

Today our blog was given a new name: Forever Charmed. The previous name, Olson Memories, was just a taking up space until a new name was formulated.

As I sat in the temple yesterday, I was thinking about how much I love my little family. My children bring me so much joy. It never ceases to astound me that I can be with them forever through the gift of the atonement and the blessings of the temple. “Families are Forever” is a phrase we learn from an early age in our church. Sometimes I wonder if that is a promise or a threat. But most of the time, I am very thankful for the possibility of eternity.

OK, we have addressed the religious aspect of our new family mantra, so let’s hit on the circular aspect. I got hooked on the TV show Charmed this summer. So, the “charmed” part partially comes from my addiction to that show. If you don’t know, that show is about three sisters that find out they are witches. Don’t worry, they are good witches!! Alone, they had their individual powers, but together, they were nearly unstoppable. Well, unstoppable until someone decided the show had run its course. When they needed to fight the ultimate evil, they had to do it together. I love the whole idea that we are stronger together than alone.

The dictionary states that charmed is one who is protected. It is also a trait that fascinates, allures or delights, to please greatly. I believe we are lead and protected by our faith. My children fascinate, delight and please me. So, all in all, we are charmed.

Forever Charmed, that is how I think of our family.

Guitar Hero

I would like to publicly profess my love of Wii’s Guitar Hero. No, we don’t own it. My parents do. My kids love to play it. And let me tell you, when I hear my kids singing Heart, Guns n’ Roses and White Snake, it just makes my little mommy heart so happy!
Rock and roll lives on!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Athena's Funeral

Yesterday morning at 7:15 am I got back from working-out.

Ali greated me with, "You are just in time for Athena's funeral."

Good thing I know Athena is the gold fish. So, I joined them around the toilet. All three of them were staring at the little gold fish in the spoon Kat was holding. Call me crazy, but it brought tears to my eyes.

There was silence for about two minutes and then, without prompting, all three of them starting singing, "Daa, daa, daa, da, da, daa, da, da, daa."

I was like, "Y'all know that is Darth Vador's theme song, right?"


I guess it is the new Tapps for gold fish funerals!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Payback's a...


You thought I was going to say a different word, didn't you???

We are surrounded by awesome neighbors. One of these awesome neighbors have a great Golden Retriever named Sako. The only time he isn't cute is between the hours of 9 pm and 6 am, when he barks and barks and barks!!!

So, one morning, I had had it. So, I decided the only thing I could do, just as annoying, was to mow the lawn. At 6 am. I would like to apologize to my other neighbors, but it had to be done :)

Yes, it was inconvenient for me. It was 6 am. It was completely dark. I had to keep waving my arms to get the security lights to come back on. I had to go back and re-mow stuff I missed once the sun came up. But, it made me feel better!!!

Good News

We decided to break down and pay for internet and a home phone line!

It will start on Sept 16. So, look out for my frequent blogs!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sundays Are Funny Days

Last night, my friend Diane called and asked if I had an onion she could borrow. She was practically near tears. I guess her parents are in town and she has a hard time with all the stress they bring with them.

I ran the onion down. She was running around getting their dinner ready. She begged me to chat with her parents for a bit. So, down I sat.

Her dad asked me if would like a drink. They were all enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail. I told him thanx, but I had just had dinner and I was good. A few minutes later, he offered me another drink. Diane is still in and out during all of our chatting. Again, I told him I was good.

A few more minutes brought the same question. This time Diane stopped running around.


I wondered if it was too late to get that drink after all.