Tuesday, May 20, 2008

laker fan in jazz territory

so, as you all know, we are deep in the NBA playoffs. i married into a lakers loving family. the olsons lived in LA until chris was around 12. so, they are LA teams all the way. even when they move to st. louis :)

friday luke had a baseball game. so, of coarse, i wore the Malone lakers jersey (i was trying to be a little sensitive by including a former jazz player!!). boy, did i get some teasing. actually, most of the time NO ONE would sit by me. our team's parents chose to sit, facing the sun, with the other team's fans. at one point, luke hollered from the dug-out, "hey mom, no one is sitting by you!!" yes, it was a moment of pride. kat begged me the whole time to, "take that thing off." she wouldn't even sit by me.

later that night....lakers beat the jazz, which put the jazz out of the playoffs.

saturday. i wear the malone jersey again and chris wears his lakers three-pete tshirt. people at the library, of coarse, felt the need to make comments like, "you have a lot of nerve." one guy told us that at least we had on "old" lakers stuff so he knows we didn't turncoat this year. he was wearing a cubbies hat, so it was all good.

now, for luke's baseball game. talk about a bunch of sore loosers!! ha ha. after giving me crap for 15 minutes, one guy whispered to me that he picked the lakers to win in is office pool. i told him at least he wasn't totally stupid, or something like that. why would you vote in favor of the jazz of the lakers? kat stopped asking me to take the jersey off. good girl.

this is kat's summary of being a lakers fan in jazz territory. a theory that she was sharing at school. "technically the lakers are better than the jazz. technically i like the lakers and you like the jazz. so, technically, i am better than you." i told her she might want to keep that whole process to herself!!!