Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can We Really Ever Go Back?

This past week have a taken a visit to my past. I visited with my childhood buddies Shila and Dani, I visited my high school graduating class web-site, I visited my 13 year class reunion (oh, wait, that was Shawn and Gus on Psych), I visited old chores and finally, I visited my parent’s bookcase.

My visit with childhood buddies: Seeing Shila and Dani made me want to ride my bike all over Rexburg, Idaho. The world we grew up in was so much different than the world our kids are growing up in. Rexburg was the greatest place to be a kid: <14>

My visit to my graduating class website: Well, I remembered I didn’t so much like Rexburg after I turned 14 years old.

My visit to my 13 year class reunion: That was awesome. At least I can live vicariously through Shawn and Gus and have a class reunion!! I love that show.

My visit to my old chores: Yeah, still hate chores. We spent the other night at my parent’s house. It was the night before my dad spoke at devotional. He was ironing. These are my dad’s loves (in this order): family, church, theatre and his iron. So, my dad is ironing, and he takes a break to tuck my kids in. So, I thought I might help him out by ironing. I would just like to say ahead of time that I feel I handled myself very maturely through this visit. So, I was ironing. Doing a great job, cause my mom taught me how to iron*. I ironed about five shirts before he returned. When he came back into the room, he said he would take over. I told him I would love to give him a break and finish up for him. But, he insisted and my mom said that he would just re-iron everything anyways. So, very maturely, I wadded up the shirt I was ironing, into a very small ball, and threw it on the floor. Mature, right??
My visit to my parent’s bookcase: most enjoyable. My parents have this great bookcase in their basement. It is just a $39.99 bookcase from Wal-Mart or somewhere. It is what is on the bookcase that makes it awesome: our childhood books.

Fifteen years ago there were a lot more books on this case. About twice a year, I look through the books on this case and take a couple back to my own house with me. Over the years, I have asked my siblings if they do the same. I will not confess to their involvement in this endeavor, but know that I am not alone in my visits to the family’s bookcase. Remember my sister, Sara, was visiting a few weeks ago? One of the last things I asked her was if she had looked over the bookcase. She didn’t let me down…
You could find out a lot about us from out book choices. Here is the first book I ever remember owning.

It was acquired from the Price, Utah library.

Here was my first introduction to my dad’s craft: The Theatre. I always wondered why I was a bit scared of the theatre. My visit to the bookcase cleared a lot up for me regarding my fear of the theatre. But, no, it wasn’t only one copy of the book that haunted me...It was two books that haunted me. I had no no idea there were two of these scary books until this week!!!
Other books I remember from a young age…My mom is always saying that her family had the first color tv on their block...well, we had the first carosel mircrowave on the our block!!!

But, never fear, Mom and Dad. There are some books that are sacred and will never leave your shelves.

From a young age, I loved books. I wanted to own my own books and make sure that everyone knew they were mine.

I should have marked my books better before Sara joined the family. She loves books as much as I do. I guess she decided she would just take some of my books and make them hers. I kid you not. Here are some examples of her “adopting” books and not only from me.

See how she just crosses someone’s name out and writes her own?
These books where mine before she was every born…
But, she got bored one day, grabbed a green marker and claimed all three of them!!! Josh…you might have graduated from grade school with higher grades if you hadn’t stolen this book from Kennedy School Library...
Danny Miyasaki…don’t worry, we have your Z is for Zarchariah. Maybe you can get a refund from Madison Junior High?

My visit to the bookcase had three very touching moments.

First, I found a book with Sara’s name in it. Her name was written by Grandpa Sorense who died in 1995.
Here is a book owned by my Grandma Lunceford. Her name is written in her own hand in 1985.
Finally, I found my dad’s dissertation. I couldn’t get any good pictures of it, but there is a dedication page dedicating it to his parents, wife, children and grandchildren.
I enjoyed my visit to the bookcase this week. I love books. I love the things we learn from them, the feelings they can invoke and the memories they create. I brought with me, this time, The Rats of Nimh and The Witch of Blackbird Pond. I remember buying both these books years ago. I am currently on a quest to read all the Newberry Award books, and these are two of them.

Back to my question…can we ever go back? Probably not. And if we are talking about high school, please no!!! It however, is nice to visit.

Month of A Million Birthdays

We have about a million birthdays over a four week period in our families. Cousin Libby kicked off our weeks of a million birthdays on July 9. We were lucky enough to share an early birthday with her while she was in Provo. Papa was next on July 23. He also shares his birthday with our dear friend, Erin, down in Dallas. This current week we have cousins Marilyn, Katherine, Ashley and Brooklyn. We also have Uncle Peter. Next week we celebrate our awesome friend, MaKenna, turning 12, Ali becoming a teenager, Uncle Josh becoming an old man (oh, wait, he already is old!) and we will send birthday greetings to heaven for Grandma Great Lunceford and Uncle Daryl.

Here are some pictures of our past celebrations. As we celebrate the next ones, we will post new pictures!!

Copy Cat

I saw this cute picture on my friend Amy's blog. Isn't her kitty so cute? I think his name is Tigger, unless I am loosing my mind! Anyways, I had to do a copy cat and put one of Oliver's pictures on here. Oliver doesn't care if there is something moving in his water, the fish bowl is just closer than his water bowl!!

Funniest Pioneer Picture

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mommy's Playdate

One of my very best childhood friends, Shila Dass Conway, came into town this week. And I found out another one, Danielle Peterson Crosby, lives close to me. So, we decided to meet at Artic Circle with our combined 9 kids! We had a great time.
Wednesday, we decided to take in the downtown SLC sites. We had a great, albeit hot, time. At one point, we saw a beautiful bride. I made the comment, "Man, she is a hot bride." Ali and Kat yelled at me. I told them I meant temperature hot, not hot, hot. Ha ha.

Here are some random pictures from our time downtown.

The following pictures were taken from the top of the Church Office Building. If you know us, and know our van, you will be able to pick it out in the parking lot!!! FYI: The church office building is 26 stories high. So, I thought these pictures were pretty cool from way up there!!!

Such a great day. I miss you Shila!!!!
Thanx for visiting!!!!