Monday, September 1, 2008

Sundays Are Funny Days

Last night, my friend Diane called and asked if I had an onion she could borrow. She was practically near tears. I guess her parents are in town and she has a hard time with all the stress they bring with them.

I ran the onion down. She was running around getting their dinner ready. She begged me to chat with her parents for a bit. So, down I sat.

Her dad asked me if would like a drink. They were all enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail. I told him thanx, but I had just had dinner and I was good. A few minutes later, he offered me another drink. Diane is still in and out during all of our chatting. Again, I told him I was good.

A few more minutes brought the same question. This time Diane stopped running around.


I wondered if it was too late to get that drink after all.