Sunday, September 28, 2008


Just so people don't think that all we did this weekend was make Jibjab clips (cause it only took up 75% of our weekend :)), I wanted to let you all know of a wonderful play going on at BYU right now. It is directed by a great friend and lover of Shakespeare, Topher Clark. Please check out his blog, jolly porter, for more details.

My kids loved it. I love watching any Shakespeare production done by Topher. I always seem to understand them better. I do not have the complex mind for Shakespeare that my Dad, Mom, brother and sister have. How did that happen?

My kids had many questions about parts they felt were left out (like people they felt should have been executed). So, I know they understood it and were completely engaged by it. They are still talking about it. And since I love to read about incest and prostitution, I think I will go ahead and read Shakespeare's complete version!