Monday, September 15, 2008

Forever Charmed

Today our blog was given a new name: Forever Charmed. The previous name, Olson Memories, was just a taking up space until a new name was formulated.

As I sat in the temple yesterday, I was thinking about how much I love my little family. My children bring me so much joy. It never ceases to astound me that I can be with them forever through the gift of the atonement and the blessings of the temple. “Families are Forever” is a phrase we learn from an early age in our church. Sometimes I wonder if that is a promise or a threat. But most of the time, I am very thankful for the possibility of eternity.

OK, we have addressed the religious aspect of our new family mantra, so let’s hit on the circular aspect. I got hooked on the TV show Charmed this summer. So, the “charmed” part partially comes from my addiction to that show. If you don’t know, that show is about three sisters that find out they are witches. Don’t worry, they are good witches!! Alone, they had their individual powers, but together, they were nearly unstoppable. Well, unstoppable until someone decided the show had run its course. When they needed to fight the ultimate evil, they had to do it together. I love the whole idea that we are stronger together than alone.

The dictionary states that charmed is one who is protected. It is also a trait that fascinates, allures or delights, to please greatly. I believe we are lead and protected by our faith. My children fascinate, delight and please me. So, all in all, we are charmed.

Forever Charmed, that is how I think of our family.