Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am tired...

5:30 am--alarm goes off
5:50 am--enter the pool
6:20 am--hit the showers
6:35 am--get home, get myself ready. check on kiddos progress toward being ready for school.
7:30 am--drive carpool, almost, accidently hit a little kid
7:55 am--check-in at the office where i am subbing at
8:00 am-3:00pm--substitute teach lovely 4th graders. one of them happened to be the little kid i almost, accidently hit! he walked up and said, "hey, mrs. olson, remember when you almost hit me this morning?" ugg!!! this day included a field trip to a "carnival" given by the Utah Symphony
3:30 pm--mom and kids get home
4:00 pm--private flute lessons (did i remember to practice???)
5:00 pm--leave flute, hit the store to get buns for ali to take to mutual
5:15-5:25--lay on floor and weep cause i can't find my recipe for dinner
5:25 pm--remember i have the internet, look-up recipe, still don't find it, find it while laying on the floor weeping again
6:00 pm--get ali to mutual, put dinner on the table
6:40 pm--blog, prepare for Bones (love that show!)