Monday, September 15, 2008

Jordan Youth Symphony

Last Monday Ali auditioned for Jordan Youth Symphony. It was held at a school one city over.*

While Ali was in the band hall, waiting to audition, I left Kat and Luke in the hall. I threatened them that they better behave like the good little girl and boy that I know that they are.

When Ali and I got back to the hall, Luke told me that he really hoped that Ali made it into the band. Trying to hide my shock, I asked him why. He informed that that Kat said that if Ali made it into this band we would get to go to a lot of carnivals.

I turned to Kat, "Carnivals? Kat?" Now through clenched teeth, "Did you tell Luke we would be going to carnivals, not concerts, if Ali made it into this band?"

"Yup." She responded. "Just trying to keep a little boy happy, Mom!!"

We received word on Thursday that she was accepted into the program. She is so excited and we are so proud of her!!

Way to go, Ali!!

*Chris and I have worked out that I will drop Ali off at her rehearsals and Chris will pick her up on his way home from work. He was asking me directions and how long it takes to get there. Ali informed him, "If you take mom's shortcut it takes a half hour. If you just got the right way, it only takes 10 minutes." My kids are so mean about me getting lost!!!!