Monday, July 21, 2008


While my sister, Sara, was in town, we thought it would be fun to bond over a sewing project. It might have been more fun if something stronger than caffeine was consumed :) Just kidding! It was fun. I only had one moment of fatal thoughts directed at Sara. We made these cute Hobo Bags.

This pictures was taken right as I was having my nervous breakdown. Sara had to step in and prevent me from jumping off the roof, or throwing her off of it. I hadn't decided which...

This is my mom's hand. She decided to pin her thumb to the fabric. Yes, mom was a bit put out to have to keep her thumb pinned until we got a picture, but how can you not document that happening???

Seeing this picture, I think I should have jumped off the roof after all...

Here are our finished products with our pained smiles. We were happy to have finished, but remember, this was nine hours after we started. As you can see from the clock in the background, we finish around 8:30pm MST. This project was started around 10:00 am MST. We were told it would only take 2-3 hours. This info came from Sara. Once we pasted that 2-3 hour mark, she confessed that she has lied to us all along. She said she knew it would take closer to 5 hours. Well, we showed her and pushed it to the 9 hour mark. That will learn her.

By the way, mine is the blue one on top.

I would like to thank Sara for these pictures. Remember, my camera was left in Salt Lake City for all this fun!!!