Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pioneer Day 2008

Pioneer Day 2008 had a promising beginning. This year, we are actually living in Utah, where it is a holiday. Chris got the day off, which means, I slept in! Hurray for me. Sometimes I sleep in, but this time, I was dead to the world until 9 am.

Kat and Luke have been begging for a bike for quite a while. Kat's was left in Dallas due to the fact that it was a piece of crap and Luke has outgrown his. I kept telling them that we would get new bikes when we don't live on a mountain any more. Well, Daddy is a push-over and decided that today was the day Luke and Kat would get new bikes.

We started at Toys R Us. There, Chris got in trouble for riding the Rip Boards around. Why didn't I talk a picture??? After Toys R Us, we went to Shopko, Wal-mart and Target. They both decided on bikes at Wal-mart.

Kat's bike was being stubborn (gears and brakes) so Daddy tried it out. Shu Fu was pretty worried when Chris got on Kat's Bike. He followed at full speed. Too funny.

Well, we had bikes, now we needed to take a ride. So, we decided on Reams, the market just down the way. Well, like I said, we live in the city between the Cottonwood Canyons. We have some pretty steep areas around us. Reams is down the hill. On the way there, Luke was worried about his breaks not working. So we walked our bikes down the hill. On our way back, we couldn't actually ride up that steep hill, so we walked our bikes up the hill. This was all in 100 degree weather. So, our new bikes had a nice walk.

All this time, Ali was with her friend, Sydney. They went to Butlerville Day's parade. They had a great time.

In the evening, we went to the Henry's house to celebrate Jacob's 11 birthday. They aren't LDS but love having their son's birthday on a state holiday. The best is all the fireworks. In the beginning, we were to be one of six other families invited. In the end, it was only us, the Henrys and one other family. One of the other families had to bail out due to a highly contagious disease. Diane was pretty bummed that so many people couldn't come, but we still had a great time.

The other family rode Honda Scooters over. After dinner, I asked if I could ride one. It was the best ever. I forgot my camera, but Jay took a picture of me. After they get back from vacation, I will get a copy of it! It was the funnest thing I have ever done. I am compiling a list of places I would be able to ride my new scooter--after I buy it. Here is what I have come up with: library. See, my list has to be places that I often go alone. Well, I am often never alone!!! So, I guess for now, I will dream on.

After it got dark, we started lighting the fireworks. They were just small fireworks, smoke bombs, tanks and sparklers. We were watching the boys light them. After Cottonwood Heights started their fireworks, the ladies decided to drive closer so we could see them better. Here is why you should not leave boys alone with dad's while lighting fireworks....

When we ladies got back, five minutes later, all three boys had been ON FIRE. I need to note: Chris was home in bed. So, he is off the hook, this time. After they boys calmed down, they thought it was a great adventure. They were laughing about it by the time we moms got back. We were not laughing, nor did we find the whole experience a great adventure. The most frustrating part was that no one could really even tell us what had actually happened.

Needless to say, after that happened, the party broke up pretty fast. Luke and Kat had ridden their new bikes up the block to our little party. We got home and were getting their bikes into the garage. Now, this part is even fuzzier than the "starting on fire" story. I opened the garage and the kids were getting their bikes in. I was trying to get my camera out to take pictures of Luke's burned clothes. All of the sudden, there was screaming coming from the garage. Ali was screaming for me to get down there right away. Now, I had to be prepared. I stopped at the door to the garage and asked if there was any blood. I couldn't not just run in unprepared!! They told me they didn't think there was any blood, so I rushed in. Some how, Kat had fallen on top of her bike and Luke's bike. But, wait. Her head was stuck in the middle of the two bike's wheels, but she was laying on top of both of them. Now, I have asked her to do a re-enactment so I might take a picture. But, that was a no go. Her head was in pretty bad shape, no blood. I am sure she has a mild to moderate concussion. Today in the first day she is up and about. She got up and about to take her bike back to Wal-mart. She claims it was bad breaks and gears, but I think it is because it attacked her! She claims to still want a bike...but we shall see.

All in all, maybe next year will go a little better for the Olsons on Pioneer Day!!