Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Month of A Million Birthdays

We have about a million birthdays over a four week period in our families. Cousin Libby kicked off our weeks of a million birthdays on July 9. We were lucky enough to share an early birthday with her while she was in Provo. Papa was next on July 23. He also shares his birthday with our dear friend, Erin, down in Dallas. This current week we have cousins Marilyn, Katherine, Ashley and Brooklyn. We also have Uncle Peter. Next week we celebrate our awesome friend, MaKenna, turning 12, Ali becoming a teenager, Uncle Josh becoming an old man (oh, wait, he already is old!) and we will send birthday greetings to heaven for Grandma Great Lunceford and Uncle Daryl.

Here are some pictures of our past celebrations. As we celebrate the next ones, we will post new pictures!!