Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mommy's Playdate

One of my very best childhood friends, Shila Dass Conway, came into town this week. And I found out another one, Danielle Peterson Crosby, lives close to me. So, we decided to meet at Artic Circle with our combined 9 kids! We had a great time.
Wednesday, we decided to take in the downtown SLC sites. We had a great, albeit hot, time. At one point, we saw a beautiful bride. I made the comment, "Man, she is a hot bride." Ali and Kat yelled at me. I told them I meant temperature hot, not hot, hot. Ha ha.

Here are some random pictures from our time downtown.

The following pictures were taken from the top of the Church Office Building. If you know us, and know our van, you will be able to pick it out in the parking lot!!! FYI: The church office building is 26 stories high. So, I thought these pictures were pretty cool from way up there!!!

Such a great day. I miss you Shila!!!!
Thanx for visiting!!!!