Friday, July 18, 2008

Lack of Blogging

Yeah, life is crazy. We are trying to decide which Internet provider, it any, to use. So, right now, we don't have Internet at home. I run to the library now and then to pick up emails. Hence, serious lack of blogging.

Quick run down of our past couple of weeks...

  • My sister and her family got into town the day after we got back from Girls Camp. Yippee. Was it fun!! The kids and I went back and forth to Provo a few times. We all went to church together, took family pictures, ate lots of food (I think Mom and Dad went broke feeding all of us!) and sewed purses. Of coarse, I walked out of the house without my camera on our big weekend together. I will find a way to get pictures of all the fun sometime.
Sidebar: Chris takes the laptop to work on Thursdays and Fridays so I am without my own computer at the library right now. So, I can't share any pictures!!!

  • Oliver got declawed on Monday. Sense we decided that he figured out he was getting declawed and ran away, we didn't tell him about it this time. We told him he was "going on a kitty field trip, to a day spa, to get his nails done." It worked, he is declawed!!! He is home recovering nicely. He seems very happy to be home, AGAIN. Poor cat. Keeps leaving and coming home. He is so sweet.
  • We played with our friends the Tinneys on Monday. We love them. It breaks our heart to live away from them when we were only down the street before.
  • I got a steroid injection into my foot. It always hurts like the devil for 24 hours, and then all is well. And, now, all is well.
  • Emily, Josh and Dana's oldest, spent Monday and Tuesday night with us. We had so much fun. I sent her home VERY tired. I wasn't about to put the cousins to bed when she was over :) What kind of aunt would that make me??? Dana said that Emily kind of performed poorly (sucked) at her tennis lesson the morning we brought her home! Hee hee. We took her swimming on Tuesday and to our Elders Quorum Party on Tuesday evening. It is so great to be close to family.
  • Bought a new game and borrowed another. We found this awesome game store in SLC last Saturday. We learned to play a new game and fell in love with it: the game and the game store!! The game store is called Game Night Games. The game is called Puerto Rico. It is great fun. We all play it exept Kat. She seemed to have not picked up the gaming gene in the womb. We also borrowed a game from Josh and Dana, Killer Bunnies. It is pretty fun, but a game of sheer luck. I like to actually deserve to loose before I loose :) Which can be quite often with Ali and Luke!
  • I have been reading a lot. I know, suprise, suprise. I am well on my way to reading/rereading all the Newberry winners. I have ready four or five over the past couple of weeks. I also finished the last Eva Ibbotson I will ever read. I started out loving her, now, not so much.
  • Got a blender. Our blender broke while we were in Dallas and we never replaced it. Now we have one and we have make our two favorites: orange julius and salsa. Mmmmmm.

Well, that is about all I can think of right now. I have to go buy some torilla chips so we can have chips and salsa and orange julius for lunch!!