Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Piece of History

My lovely Aunt Naomi came to visit Provo in August. I love my Aunts. They are such great women.

She brought with her a pile of old pictures. I decided I needed a copy of said pictures, so Aunt Naomi and I went to Rite-Aide to scan them. First off, we stood behind a newly-married couple who were deciding which wedding pictures to have printed.

Side-bar: Holy cow, print them all, they are only 16 cents...heck, my mom will even pay for it!!!

Side-side-bar: Who gets wedding pictures printed at Rite-Aide anyhow??

Aunt Naomi and I had a nice visit while we waited, and waited and waited.

This first picture is of my Aunt Naomi (far left), Grandpa Lunceford, Claudia (me mum), Rodger (me da) and my wee cousin, Benton. Yes, I felt Scottish there for a moment. Anyways. I am guessing I am in my mum's tummy. What other explaination is there for me not being present in the Yuletide photo?

I have recently realized I come from a long line of beautiful, sexy women. Look at my aunt, below. Farrah had nothing on her. And for a mom, my mom has always been beautiful. My friends always told me my mom was "so pretty." I was like no way, she is a mom. Now, I totally see she has always been beautiful. Sorry mom!!!

And look at my Grandma Lunceford (below), she was a super, sexy grandma. She had the best legs, ever. I tell ya. She was always a real looker. And she always dressed nicely and had her hair and nails done. My dad often did her nails. And...she never colored her hair. She had midnight black hair until she died. Amazing. (She would die if she knew I posted her picture on the internet!!)

I took my kids downtown Salt Lake right before school started back up to show them where my Grandma and Grandpa Lunceford got married. They got married in this beautiful, old court house. They were later sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.

I love families and being tied together. It was so fun to hang with Aunt Naomi. Here she is today, still as beautiful as ever...

Final side-bar (do I even use that term correctly??): If I look like I had climbed a mountain before I had this picture taken, I had. It was the day we hiked the Y. I am so proud I was still standing by 9 pm. My aunt barely was-as I accidently gave her almost triple her normal evening dose of her nite meds. She, my mom and I all take the same med for neuropathic pain. When I am at my mom's house, I always get the pills for my mom and I. Well, since Aunt Naomi was there, I just handed her one when I was passing them out. My mom and I take 800 mgs and, as it turns out, Aunt Na only takes 300 mgs before bed. But no worries, she had the best sleep of her life and the stuff can't hurt ya :)