Sunday, October 5, 2008


I'm tagged? What does that mean? Six weird things about me? I am SO not weird. I had to ask my mom to tell me weird things about me. Weird thing, she had no problem coming up with weird things about me :)

I would like to thank my lovely SIL Morgen for tagging me. Is this what I get for watching her kids? And let me tell you, she is a bit weirder than I first thought :)

1. I carry a camera everywhere and often take pictures as I am driving. I have even taken pictures of cops before. Really. This is the time to rob a bank. Not one cop is out on the streets 2. I still sleep with a teddy bear.
3. I own a Nelson CD.
4. I have helped Ali lock Luke in a locker.

5. I have made dentists do my check-up without actually touching my teeth. I CANNOT stand to have my teeth touched.
6. I frequently crawl around on the floor to scare my innocent and unsuspecting kids. They love me!

So, I tag Sara, Josh, Andrea of Colorado, Scott-ish Nomad, Amy of Arizona and Shila of Washington.

P.S. Dana, so help me, you better not write Josh's!!!!