Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rejoicing over Lost Tooth

For those of you who see Luke regularly, you know about his freaky front tooth. You can kind of see the strange looking baby tooth there in the front. He has his two permanent front teeth AND that silly little baby tooth! Anyways, today is the day the dentist took it out, hurray! We love you, Dr. Roundy. Seriously, he is a great dentist if you need one.

His smile looks so much better. I am so happy it finally got taken out. I am not one to stress over baby teeth too much. I figured it would come out on its own. But, Dr. Roundy told me it would have NEVER come out on its own. Can you see the massively long root on that tooth?

We better go to bed so the tooth fairy can come....

Above: Before the tooth was taken out.

Above: Tonight's Jack-O-Lantern smile. Isn't it going to be beautiful? After $4000 worth of braces one day.....
Above: The 'root' of the problem :)