Thursday, October 2, 2008

True Love

My one true, and abiding love is the library and what is houses--BOOKS. Small books, large books, long books, short books, books in English, books in Spanish, books about how much people love books. I should write a book about my love of books, seriously.

The kids and I decided to "run" into the library tonight. Yes, it only takes an hour to "run" into the library.

We talked with the greatest librarian ever. Kat saw a book at school, but didn't know the name of it. This is what she knew about it: it is big, has pictures, has words and won some award. Honestly, is she my child?? Good thing the library didn't think I was wacko when I gave her that description! And lo and behold, she knew what book Kat was talking about. It isn't currently checked in, but we put it on hold. For some reason, Kat actually thought she might suddenly get the book before we left the building. Crazy Kat.

While we were waiting for the amazingly friendly, amazingly smart librarian, I over heard a conversation between the librarian and a teenage girl (Hannah, Ali goes to school with her). Miss teenager was asking after the Twilight books. She was told they were all checked out. I piped in and told her that I just saw The Host on the self and she might want to read it until she gets the Twilight books. Here was our conversation...

Hannah (teenager): I would like to read the Twilight books. Where are they located?

Librarian: They are all checked out, but I could put them on hold for you.

Sunni: I just saw The Host on the shelf if you want a Stephanie Meyer's book.

Hannah: Oh, I don't want to read them out of order.

Sunni: No worries. It is a completely separate book and story. It doesn't have vampires in it.

Hannah: Vampires? I don't want to read about vampires.

Sunni: Stunned Silence, I had no more to add to that conversation.

Anyways, I love books, I love reading. My greatest fear is not being able to read all the books I want to before I die.