Friday, August 29, 2008

Scooter Shopping

Ok, I just have to blog this. It is too funny to keep to myself.

My dear friend, LaRene, had been looking to buy a scooter for her husband. Suprise him for his birthday. Good thing I am pretty sure he doesn't even know I have a blog!!! I would hate to ruin the suprise. Anyways. She found one on Craigslist, located in SLC. She lives in our old neighborhood in Orem. She called me and asked where the University of Utah football stadium was. Don't worry Cougar fans, we are still loyal! I told her it wasn't too far from my house and that she better not be planning on meeting a strange man alone. So, we set up a time to go and test drive this scooter.

We show up at the stadium. She gets on and takes it for a test drive. While she is riding around, I am chatting with the owner. He was a very nice Chinese guy getting ready to leave the area. Moments into the conversation it hits me he thinks LaRene and I are "together." But, I think no way. Who makes that kind of assumption in 10 seconds? We keep chatting and sure enough, it is clear he thinks we are together. I was dying, trying to keep a straight face. LaRene gets back and I whisper to her that he thinks we are together. It takes her a minute of talking to him to agree with my guess. At this point, she reminds me that a few months ago a sales person assumed that I was involved with my sister in law, Dana.

So, this is my question....What gives???

Oh, yeah, Dana, LaRene says she is not giving me up without a fight! But, Chris didn't meantion wanting to fight you for me.