Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Visit with Texas Friends

Our very good friends, whom we call family for all intents and purposes, visited from Dallas last week. The Sorensen clan has know them for like 25+ years. And then, the Olson family moved into their ward in Dallas. It was awesome.

Anyways, Robin brought her oldest son, Tanner, to college at UVU last week. He also brought along his lovely and adorable girlfriend Sam. They stayed with my parents while in Provo.

Tuesday they came up to Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square. We love it when people come to Salt Lake and aske us to go to Temple Square with them. It is our favoritest place ever!!Here is Robin and her group: Robin's mom, Nancy, Andrew, Ben, Tanner, Sam, Erin, Robin and Dallin. Grandma was so excited to be on Temple Square. Someone stopped her and asked her how many kids she had. It was funny. It probably had something to do with the fact that I called her mom and of coarse Robin called her mom.
Here are Kat, Ali and Luke at the Christus Statue. It is such an amazing and inspiring site.

Tanner and Sam on top of the conference center.
Robin and company on top of the conference center.
Sunni and kids on top of the conference center.Kat, Erin, Ali, Ben, Dallin and Luke on top of the conference center.
My mom used to say, "It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt." Well, we were having a great time until Robin hit her toe on Andrew's shoe and broke the toe nail off!!! I told her I had to get a picture before she put a band-aide on it. Silly, huh??

After our site-seeing, Grandma Nancy took us to lunch at the food court at the ZCMI mall. It was a lot of fun. I miss the Phillips family so much!!!

As we were saying good-bye, I knew I couldn't leave them yet. So, I called my mom and asked if it was ok to come down and spent the evening with them. So, we got a few more hours with them in Provo. It was great.
Here is a picture of Ali and Andrew. For 2 weeks each year they are the same age. But, I doubt they will ever be the same height!!!

We had such a great time, it was hard to say good-bye. At least we have Tanner and Sam!