Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sunday morning, on our way into the church building, I realized something about my wardrobe. I told Chris, who was 20 steps ahead of me that my shoes didn't match. He told me it didn't really matter. Then I told him, "My shoes don't match EACH OTHER." Well, that was another story. He sent me home to change.

I thought that was probably the funniest thing that would happen that day. Little did I know that something funnier would happen.

It was my turn to teach our little primary class. I was about 15 minutes into the lesson when I heard Kat's voice in the hallway. She sounded agitated. I walked out to check on her. Well, as it turns out, their teacher hadn't shown up. And the two twelve-year-old boys in her class thought it would be fun to take the girls "hostage." They barricaded the door with a table and chairs. Finally the girls convinced the boys to let them out cause they had to go potty. At that point, I pulled the whole lot of them into my classroom and overlooked the situation, for the time being.

After class was over, we headed down to sharing time with the whole primary. I told Chris I would sit with Kat's class and he could stay with ours. We got all situated and the girls in Kat's class started telling the primary president about the boys "taking them hostage." I am actually getting pretty sick of the hostage taking boys and let the girls complain about them. Until...I looked back and saw the STAKE PRIMARY PRESIDENCY by our president. Then, I tried to make light of the whole situation and told them Chris and I took control of the situation right off the bat (not like the real 20 minutes that it was) and it was all good.

On the way out the door of the church I asked Kat why they didn't try to get out or get an adult to help them. She said that they tried. Lauren had forgotten her cell phone and they threw an SOS note out the window. I asked them who they were going to call. She said she was going to call Daddy and if he didn't answer she would call Hannah. I was like, "Hannah in Dallas?" Yup, that's the one. Hannah is a great friend, but not sure what she would have done!!! At least Kat knows she can call Hannah with her problems :)

I told her to go get the note she threw out the window. Here is a picture of the container she put it in and the note itself.
I don't think we will have another Sabbath in the near future that can top this one in hilarity!!