Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hiking the Y

Hiking the Y. It is something everyone in Provo does. So, I told Chris it was time we hiked the Y. He looked at me funny and asked if I meant th one up the mountain. Yeah, funny boy. My little 4 year old (at the time) niece Libby has hiked the Y. If she could do it, I figure I could. Well, my regard for Libby has gone up considerably.

To put it into perspective, here is a picture of the Y on a normal everyday day.

And, yet, I still thought it would be a "walk in the park" not a hike up the mountain!!!
We stopped at my parent's house to meet up with Papa, Tanner and Sam. Nana asked Kat what she was going to do that day. Kat told Nana she was hiking to the letter. Boy was she happy when she found "a letter" before the hike even started!!

In the parking lot at the base of the trail, there was a inpromtu vote taken. The question was "Who thinks Sunni should go with us?" I was like, hello, I am right here. I can hear you. Well, needless to say, everyone voted that I didn't go with them. I guess they knew I would hold the party up.

OK. Here is a picture of the trail. At the time, I only took a picture of this. I didn't actually look at it. Looking at it now, I see the whole plan a little better. Silly me, I thought it was just a few
steps up a mountain. Looking at the map, Tanner asked why we didn't just go straight up the mountain. Silly Texas boy.
Sam and I had a great time hiking. It was just the two of us cause everyone else left us. We were too slow, even for Josh and Dana's twin 5 year olds! They smoked us. There is something to be said for youth.

On the way up, I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman. He was actually headed up for the second time of the day. Some people actually do this hike over and over, just for fun. Go figure. Anyways, through our chat, I came to find out that he was from Klamath Falls, Oregon. The same place Chris grew up. His name is Brother Hunt. Maybe, I think. I might have to ask Chris again. Anyways. Brother Hunt remembered Chris' mom and sister. I thought that was pretty cool. He hiked ahead of me, big suprise there, and caught up with Chris. They had a nice chat on the Y, before I even got there!!

Here are a few pictures from the Y. The area of the actual Y is pretty smooth.

Sitting on the Y was very scary for me. I just knew on of the kids would fall. I guess I was a little vocal in my fears and made all the kids crawl on their stomaches. Again, someone took a vote. "Who wishes Sunni hadn't come with us?" This time I raised my hand. As it turned out, Luke took a tumble and so did Ali and a twin. I guess Ali and the twin went tumbling down, head over heels. Everyone was happy that Papa and taken my off the Y already.

Here are a couple of pictures I took as we headed down the mountain. The sun was starting to come up as we got near the base of the trail. It was beautiful to watch the sun come over the top of a mountain that I have know my whole life.

This is Tanner and a twin. Everyone falls in love with those darling twins!!
This is me, dead on my parents lawn.
Believe it or not, now that I have done it once, I would actually do it again. I always hate things the first time. But, now I know what to expect. I would do much better. The bad thing is, no one would go with me!!!!