Saturday, June 21, 2008

Signs of Tiredness

Two conversations you might have heard if you were in my house today...

s: sunni
j: janet jones, one of my camp people

s: i finished buying the food today.
j: oh, good, are you going shopping again?
s: (really?) nope, that should be it. i got the food for the bishopric to eat with us on thursday.
j: they are going to be with us wednesday evening, too.
s: i have to feed 3 extra men for 2 meals?? (sadly, i really said that.) oh, that will be nice to have the bishopric for two nights. it will be great. well, i guess i will go shopping again, after all.
j: oh, good. could you pick up some aluminum foil?

s: (yup, sunni)
c: chris

c: did you see that wreck today?
s: nope.
c: that wreck in front of costco?
s: nope.
c: it happened right after we left. (he was on his motorcycle since he decided to put in 6 hours at work today)
s: nope, didn't see it.
c: man, i could have sworn it would have happened right in front of you.
s: oh, THAT wreck. yeah, i saw it happen.
c: i thought you did.
s: i wonder what happened?
c: i thought you saw it happen.
s: oh, yeah. it was right in front of me. one car slowed down and the car behind him ran into him. i even heard the swear words uttered.
c: seems like you would have remembered that.
s: yeah, you would think.

i love the bishopric and please, please, please, do not call me to be a witness in court for that wreck. by tomorrow, this post will be news to me!!!

calgon...take me away.