Friday, June 13, 2008

(Another) New Addition to the Family

OK. The time came. It was time to buy Ali a new flute, or pull her out of band. Just to test the water I asked how she felt about not doing band anymore. She cried for 48 hours. So, we decided that it was time to invest in her future.

We called the flute store that Ali's private teacher recommended. They were very kind. I told them we needed to test drive some flutes and they arranged to have almost $20,000 worth of flutes at her disposale to try out.

The only downfall about the afternoon was they had us in this teeny-tiny room. It was Ali, Kat, Luke, myself and the male band specialist. If it had been in Victorian time, I would have been forced to marry this man because he brought my honor into question.

I had horrible visions of her falling in love with each flute she played. But, that didn't happen. She fell in love with the Jupiter 750. "Just for fun" he had her play one more, a Pearl. I asked him what the differences where between the Jupiter and Pearl. I could see her heart was made up for the Jupiter and just wanted to make sure that was a good choice.

He said, "There isn't much of a difference. It it purely personal choice. It is like deciding between a Toyota and Honda." This coming from a man wearing a Ducati belt buckle.

After that, and being locked in that small room for an hour, Kat told the guy, "Alright, we'll take the Honda, please."

He assured me that this flute will last through high school, even college if she doesn't major in music. I told him that was ok since she wasn't majoring in music. Which earned me a,"MOM." I was like what, you changed your major from biology? Of coarse, she hasn't. So, the Honda, I mean, Jupiter, it is. I will upload videos of her playing it later this weekend.

We are actually taking a prolonged test drive of it. It is hers to try for 7 days. Pretty cool, right?

P.S. The music store is owned by a family who's son served a mission down in Victoria, Texas right after we had Ali. Small world, huh?