Friday, June 13, 2008

Kat's Reasoning Skills

Took the kiddos swimming at the rec center's outdoor pool tonight. Luke was jumping off the high dive. Kat and I were sitting beside the pool, on the grass, in lawn chairs. The lifeguards change posts every 15 minutes or so. At the shift change for the tower watching the diving boards, a lifeguard, who looked to be 12 (not kidding!), climbed up on the tower. Kat watches the kid climb up there and sit down. All the sudden, she announces that she doesn't feel safe any more. I asked her why. She said that lifeguard iss too young to save her life.

Just to clarify, "You don't feel safe, sitting on the lawn, in a chair, 20 yards from the pool?"

"That's right. Don't feel safe with him on duty."

"Well, stay out of the water then."

I swear. Not in a million years could I follow her logic.