Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Forgotten Moments of May

This month, as usual, has been C*R*A*Z*Y!! Delightfully wonderful, all in all, but crazy. I think the end of year signals the craziness to begin in earnest.

Here is a wrap up of items I forgot to blog about. I actually started this before I read my sister's blog. But, you can still think I copied her if you want!!!

Luke's 1st Grade Field Trip

I went with Luke on his field trip to Salt Lake City's Children Museum. Now, when I took the kiddos to this museum before we moved to Dallas, it was in a different location. It is now located in the Gateway. And I must admit, I liked the old location MUCH better.

Luke and buddies rock climbing. All I have to say is WAY too many kids that day. I think there were 3 schools in attendance. I finally just game up trying to keep track of my little boys. I watched the exit and prepared to jump in I saw anyone familiar trying to escape.

This was a water exibit. They had fun, but I think if you put toys in the toilet little boys would have fun.

Life Flight Chopper. I don't know if you can tell,but it was cold and rainy. Something very stange happened to our spring here. Something like WINTER!

Legos. Need I say more?

Very cool pipe exhibit.

Rediscovered an Old Love
When the girls were little, I made a lot of their clothes. Over the years, I have gotten out of the habit. Thanx to motivation from my mom, I remembered how much I enjoy it. I made this dress for Luke, I mean Kat! But, Luke is the only one that would try it on while I was altering it!! I absolutely love this pattern. It was the perfect pattern to "get back on the saddle again" with.

A Trip to Disney Land?

Last summer we went to Disneyland with the Sorensen side of the family. It was the best trip ever. Dana and I have discussed this and she knows how I feel. For months I couldn't even look at the pictures cause it sent me into a Disney-depression! Finally, this month, I downloaded the pictures from my memory card. Until this point, it was my Disney memory Card!!

American Idol Wrapup Thoughts

OK, American Idol has finished for another year. Our hearts belonged to the home-town boy, Archie, but total rocker, star quality goes to David Cook. After my sadness ended over Archie loosing, I went back and watched the last couple of shows again. Cook rocks and Archie will be a great EFY presenter!!

A Visit to my Homeland of Ireland

All my life I have wanted to see where my ancestors hailed from. Finally Chris took me over there. Just kidding! We went to Park City for Memorial Day. But I could have sworn, as I looked at the pictures, that they were of somewhere exotic like Ireland!!

I hope you have enjoyed my forgotten moments of May. For some unknown reason, this post has taken roughly 6 hours to write. I swear, there is something wrong with Blogger.