Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where does the time go...

We are currently without the internet at home. We are too cheap to pay for it when we can use it at work or at the library. Once we are settled in a house that isn't being shown to perspective buyers every other day, we will get a land line and quite possibly, internet service.

So, let's see what has happened in the Olson Family in the past 17 days since I last blogged....

Opening Day of Baseball

This is Ali and Kat trying to be supportive of Luke. Ali was heard saying, "The mayor didn't come to the first day of the soccer games." I was heard replying, "That is because soccer isn't America's Past-Time and nobody cares about soccer." To which a got a lot of dirty looks from surrounding people. So, I quickly added, "But I, personally, care about soccer very, very much. I won't miss even one of your games." That quieted the angry soccer mob a bit. Shortly after I took that picture of AliKat, someone loaned Ali a jacket. I told the lady thank you but quickly added that I DID tell her to wear her sweats and her coat. I guess the nice lady didn't feel as though Ali had a lesson to learn :) I will give my kids just about anything, but not the coat off my back. Keep reading to find out if I lived to eat my words....

Here are the cutest little baseball players ever listening to the National Anthem. After Opening Day, Ali had a soccer game. Let me try to explain how cold it was this day....Ok, I give up. It was very, very cold. Daddy was working, of coarse. So that left me on baseball and soccer detail. The deal in the beginning was that I would handle soccer and dad would do baseball. Well, so far I am handling them both. But, we hope he job settles very soon! So, we had opening day, soccer and then back to the baseball field for team pictures. Well, as it turns out, Luke was supposed to have brought an extra shirt to change into of after pictures so the coach could get their names put on the jerseys. Well, nobody told ME that!! When the coach told everybody to take their shirts off, Luke looked at me a little nervously. I told him just to just take it off and not worry about it and I took off my coat and put it on him. Never say never, especially if you are a mommy.

Band Festival 2008

Last week I went on two of Ali's field trips. The first one was to Fort Herriman Middle School for the band festival. The band director had ordered one bus with an undercarriage for the equipment. What the district decided we needed was one bus with NO undercarriage. So, we had 60 students, 2 adults and enough instruments to outfit the symphonic band on ONE bus. Very brilliant. The band director and I gallantly gave up seats in order to enjoy the floor. All was well with the world until this hit me in the head. I was happy I took those headache pills before I left my house that day.

Ali's band played pretty darn good. They got the highest score, hurray Ali!!!

I have realized...I am one HOT Mama

On the morning of the band field trip, we were deciding where everyone would sit. I made a comment about the bus driver having the last seat on the bus and something about sharing it. Like FIVE minutes later, the bus driver told me in his dreams I would sit on his lap.


I haven't been hit-on on a school bus in, like, 2 decades!!!

But, wait.

Yesterday, I was subbing for the elementary school. We had to walk to the middle school (about 4 blocks) for a program practice. As we were walking pasted some parked buses, a bus driver asked me if I was a teacher. I told him I was only substituting. He told me he wished he had a sub like me when he was in school.

OK, good news, I could get a bus driver to take me anywhere a Jordan School District bus goes!!! I told Chris he better step it up or I was going to hang out at the bus garage from now on!

Ali learned to frost a cake

For mutual a couple of weeks ago, she had to bring a frosted cake to decorate. I took 45 minutes out of a crazy day to bake and frost her a cake. By the time she got home from school, she was trying to convince me that she really didn't need to go to YW that night nor did she need to learn how to frost a cake to get into the celestial kingdom. I was just happy she didn't announce that she wish Aunt Dana was her mother.

As I let her out of the car I told her not to let anyone give her crap about her cake...(well, other than me)

Luckily, she made it beautiful. She has the makings of a relief society president!!

Boys are dirty

Mom, I had cleaned this tub the very morning of the picture. Cleaned it with bleach and actually got down on my hands and knees, honest, Mommy!!!

This is what the tub looked like after Luke bathed. Any, no, it hadn't been 2 weeks since his last bath, only one!!


We also got a Wii, thanx to Dana. Josh, thanx for marrying her! We played all weekend and Josh dubbed it our Wiikend. Thanx, Josh. I didn't need to see your test results to know you are brilliant!!!