Friday, April 18, 2008

Orphans, homesickness and me without a shirt


Growing up, my mom told us we looked like "orphans" when our hair was unkemped or our clothes were a mess. Which, in our younger years, was probably a lot of the time! Well, like so many other things from my youth, I have brough the same practice into my little family. But, I learned yesterday, I might have said it one too many times to Kat.

Kat and Luke's school has been working on a production called Butler on Broadway. Each grade level sings a couple of Broadway numbers. Kat's class is singing Singing in the Rain and Consider Yourself. Kat is actually Oliver in the Consider Yourself song. Last night was night one of two. Yesterday morning I was doing her hair. I told her I wasn't going to flip it up because Oliver probably didn't have his hair flipped. She told me, "Probably doesn't matter mom cause we both know I will look like an orphan by tonight anyways." So, note to self, don't call Kat an orphan quite so often!!


Yesterday I was amazingly homesick for our Texas weather and friends. I was keeping my sadness pretty undercontrol until I saw the pool toys at the store. Then I started crying! I want to move all our Texas friends and our beautiful pool here to Utah.

Me, without a shirt...

(Note to my can keep reading, there are no photos...)
My Mom left a comment after my last blog about Luke getting my coat and not Ali. For a brief moment, I felt like a horrible mother, but, then I reminded myself I am an amazing mom!! Last January, we were living in Dallas. (Moment to cry....) Ali was playing spring soccer. Usually Texas weather is beautiful at all times. But, this particular Saturday in April turned out to be pretty darn Utah-like. Durning warm-ups, it actually started snowing. All Ali had on was her soccer uniform: shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Well, being the awesome mother that I am, I went into the port-a-potty (which in and of itself qualifies me for mother of the year) and took off my shirt. Yes, the only shirt I was wearing. So, Luke would have been out of luck that day cause I HAD to keep my coat on!!! I gave her my long sleeved, white shirt to wear for her game. Luckily she is a great player so she played most of the game to keep her legs warm.

Kat is usually overly clothed and packs around extra clothes, so I will be hard pressed to think of a time that I had to disrobe for her!!!