Saturday, April 19, 2008

Butler on Broadway

The elementry school has been working very hard on a spring performance called Butler on Broadway. They are raising money for a Art Masters program for next year. If I heard correctly, they raised $10,000 over 2 evenings of performances.

I am currently working on uploading 4 vidoes from last nights performance. I will add them here as I get them uploaded.

Here is what our Lion King dancer looked like...he wanted to look like a baboon, but I fear I made him look like he was headed tail-gating at the Denver Bronco's game!!!
I am proud to say, Papa watched with rapped attention, between naps. He was a very good sport about watching little people butcher, I mean, perform, all the songs that he has either watched on the real Broadway, or set to stage. In all honestly, it was a great little show.
After the show, Nana and Papa took up out to dinner at IHOP. Nana offered ice cream, and Luke somehow turned it into a full meal at IHOP. I love the power of children. It was such a fun evening. I could not have planned a more perfect even for the kiddos. Oh, wait. I forgot. Kat had major singing section in both of her songs and she lost her voice. So, she had a voice double for the sections they couldn't just out and out cut.
Ok, I am going to work on YouTube....