Monday, March 31, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things...

Raindrops on Roses
Whiskers on Kittens...
Just kidding! As Papa gets ready to direct Sound of Music at Tuacahn, we also must prepare. That includes learning how to spell Tuacahn and refamiliarizing ourselves with the music.

Here are a few of MY favorite things!

Three wonderful spirits from Heaven. That IS where they are from...RIGHT???

The kids nominate the animals as some of their favorite things.

Our house right now. I love it and hope to buy it!!! This picture is from this morning. We woke up to 3 inches of snow.

Salt Lake City Temple. I have loved each and every temple I have attended, but I think my heart now belongs to this temple.

Our branch of the Salt Lake City Library. It is our home away from home. Luke's teacher suggested that we take him to the library more. I was like, "Is this a joke?" If we are here (yes, I am at the library as we speak) any more, I will have to pay rent.

I should mention...these aren't in any particular order now.
Our van. If you look carefully, you can see Luke in the back and Chris' motorcycle's reflection. You don't have to look carefully to see Kat's face smooshed in the glass!

How can you NOT love a city that welcomes you and warns you of zoo animals all at the same time? This is our city, Cottonwood Heights, but we don't have any elephants. I am pretty sure we keep those in SLC at Hoggle Zoo.

My mother in law, Marilyn, told me about this bathroom cleaner. It has undying love as does...

this glass cleaner. I couldn't find it here when we first moved here. When I finally found it, but bought multiple cans of it!

Ali's flat iron. She is kind enough to let me borrow it. Maybe cause I threaten to to not feed her dinner if she doesn't let me use it! You can also see a taste of our lovely bathroom wallpaper in the background. Isn't it lovely??
One of my favorite things are games!!! I realized, recently, I have become a game snob. Sad, but true. Luke said if his whole class returned a sheet of paper, they could each bring a game to play at school. I asked him which on of our $50 games he thought he might take? Snobish or what???
BOOKS! I love reading. This is my current book. So much better than the movie.
My poor husband works 60+ hours a week. Friday he brough home a big box of expired, snack size, bags of chippies. I can no longer complain that he isn't getting any overtime. (Even though he is salary and he ISN'T getting any overtime!!)
I certainly didn't MEAN to add Hannah Montana, but she is one of our favorite things!

Last, but not least, my camera. Chris still doesn't think I needed a new one when he gave this to me for Christmas. Well, I did need it and I love, love, love it!!!

So, these are some of my favorite things. I would sing for you now, but you really don't want that. Just go find Julie Andrews to sing for you while you read this post!!